SPA Attends Dispatching of 14,093 Pilgrims from Madinah to Makkah

Tuesday 1443/11/29 - 2022/06/28
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Madinah, June 28, 2022, SPA -- A total of 14,093 pilgrims from various nationalities left Madinah yesterday for the Holy Sites in Makkah to perform this year’s Hajj rituals.
The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) attended some scenes from dispatching buses transporting pilgrims from the center of monitoring dispatching of pilgrims and Umrah performers, which are implemented by various stakeholders as part of the operational plan for Hajj in Madinah under the supervision of the Hajj and visit committee in the region and under follow-up of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on the flow of dispatching pilgrims.
Pilgrims transport buses are offered comprehensive services as part of an accurate action program that aims at facilitating the transport of pilgrims to their residences according to pre-set time tables and following up on their arrival in Miqat Thi Al-Halifah or the dispatching center, before heading directly for Makkah through the Hijrah Highway along with all security, health and ambulance services, in addition to the services of guidance and field direction for buses during the dispatching process that starts at the early morning and lasts till the dispatch of the last bus at 6 PM.
The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s Visit Agency recorded 953 cases of departure from residences for pilgrims since the beginning of this year’s Hajj, while the total number of pilgrims who left Madinah for Makkah recently stood at 205,049 pilgrims.
Dispatching of pilgrims continues till Thu Al-Hijjah 5, which witnesses the dispatch of all remaining pilgrims to the Holy Places in Makkah.
12:50 LOCAL TIME 09:50 GMT