Head of Saudi Delegation at Saudi-Djiboutian Committee Commends Progress in Committee Works

Tuesday 1443/11/29 - 2022/06/28
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Riyadh, June 28, 2022, SPA -- The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services for Planning and Sector Development Dr. Mansour Al-Turki, who is also Head of the Saudi delegation at the joint Saudi-Djiboutian Committee, commended the tangible progress in the committee works, which reflected on the committee’s meeting minutes in its fourth session that concluded in Riyadh.
Al-Turki stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Djibouti are brotherly countries with solid relations, noting that the committee works focus on activating a set of recommendation and initiatives in various sectors, in addition to intensifying efforts and preparing steps for follow-up to ensure the implementation of recommendations in a way that realizes the aspirations of the two countries’ leaderships.
He also praised the remarkable cooperation of the two countries’ embassies to overcome any obstacles hindering work teams from developing these relations and moving them forwards, stressing the importance of going on with more efforts by both sides’ sector representative to reach the fifth meeting with a progress that matches ambitions.
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