SPA Joins Dispatching over 16,000 Pilgrims to Holy Places through “Thu Al-Halifah” Miqat in Madinah

Wednesday 1443/11/30 - 2022/06/29
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Madinah, June 29, 2022, SPA -- The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) spotted the field organizational efforts that were provided by various security and government apparatuses in Madinah at “Thu Al-Halifah” Miqat to follow up on dispatching pilgrims to the Holy Places in Makkah.
The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance and other institutions working under the Pilgrims Experience Program work on offering all facilities, health, guidance and organization services to pilgrims at Al-Miqat Mosque under a comprehensive plan that seeks to ensure the flexibility of movements of pilgrims through buses from their residences to Makkah via Thu Al-Halifah Miqat.
A total of 16,218 pilgrims yesterday left Madinah on their way to the Holy Places to perform Hajj through Thu Al-Halifah Miqat that daily receives the buses of pilgrims between the early morning hours and 6PM, where pilgrims from the miqat intends to perform Hajj that starts with the arrival Tawaf (circumambulation) and performing prayers before embarking on Hajj rituals.
14:15 LOCAL TIME 11:15 GMT