4 hospitals, 26 health centers in Mina to serve pilgrims

Wednesday 1443/12/7 - 2022/07/06
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Mina, July 06, 2022, SPA -- The Ministry of Health has confirmed the readiness of 4 hospitals and 26 health centers to serve pilgrims in Mina during the Hajj season, this year 1443 AH.
The Ministry explained that the health facilities in the holy sites provide all preventive, curative and emergency services to the pilgrims through specialized and qualified cadres using modern technologies and advanced medical equipment.
There are 5 hospitals in Mina: Emergency Hospital with a capacity of 190 beds including 12 beds for emergency and 34 beds for intensive care, Mina Al-Jisr Hospital with a capacity of 150 beds, 36 of which were allocated for emergency beds and 28 beds for intensive care, while the bed capacity in Mina Al-Wadi Hospital is 160 beds and emergency 24 beds and 25 intensive care beds, in addition to new Mina Street Hospital with a capacity of 50 beds, including 13 emergency beds and 16 intensive care beds.
These health facilities are supported by a fleet of ambulance transport, consisting of 100 small ambulances and 75 large ambulances, to handle any emergency cases.
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