Attorney General Instructs the Authority to Arrest He Who Randomly Fired in a Public Place in a Riyadh Region Governorate

Monday 1444/1/17 - 2022/08/15
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Riyadh, Aug. 14, 2022, SPA -- An official source at the public prosecution authority disclosed that, based on reliable official information, verifying a social media content that a guy in a Riyadh Region governorate has taken out his machine gun and randomly fired in a public place, endangering his life and the lives of others, Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Me'jeb, Attorney General of the Kingdom, ordered the quick arrest of the so-called, and bringing him for investigation prior to sending him to appear before justice.
The source described the act committed by the culprit as a major crime that necessitates apprehension according to criminal procedure system.
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