Royal Commission for AlUla Announces Birth of Two Female Arabian Tigers

Tuesday 1444/1/18 - 2022/08/16
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Madinah, August 16, 2022, SPA -- Royal Commission for AlUla has announced the birth of two female Arabian tigers, a step that stresses the endeavors of the commission towards achieving the targets of rehabilitating ecosystems and protecting Arabian tigers from extinct.
The two tigers were born at the Prince Saud Al-Faisal Center for Wildlife Research, which is one of the reproduction programs that seek to increase the number of Arabian tigers and reinstate them in the wildlife.
The Arabian tiger is one of the most endangered species in the world, where the number of Arabia tigers does not exceed 200 as the result of losing their natural habitat and their overhunting throughout the past years.
The strategy of the Royal Commission for AlUla to protect the Arabian tigers includes a diversified set of initiatives, including the expansion of reproduction programs through inaugurating the Arabian tiger center at Sharan Nature Reserve in addition to establishing the Arabian tiger fund that received an allocation of USD25 million from the commission.
The commission has also signed several partnerships, including one with International Union for Conservation of Nature, a second with Panthera organization and t a third with Catmosphere.
The royal commission, through its strategy, seeks to protect the Arabian tiger from extinction with the aim of restring the ecosystems to realize the targets of the Saudi Vision 2030, in addition to rehabilitating the natural environment in a way that accords with national goals, including the Saudi Green Initiative, to make 80% of AlUla as nature reserves.
The Royal Commission for AlUla is moving ahead to realize its strategy of the Arabian tiger, which includes several social aspects, such as training some AlUla residents on tasks of maintaining nature reserves.
AlUla is considered a natural habitat of the Arabian tiger throughout history, where rock carvings in various locations reflect that and can be seen in pillars of the commission’s strategy to care for the environment, nature, heritage and antiquities, which makes AlUla the biggest living museum in the world.
-- SPA
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