Taif University Strengthens Local & Int'l Position According to Shanghai Ranking 2022

Wednesday 1444/1/19 - 2022/08/17
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Taif, Aug 17, 2022, SPA -- Taif University has strengthened its local and international position based on Shanghai World University Ranking 2022, by achieving the 413th globally and 4th at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's universities, as the number of research published by university researchers in international scientific journals has reached more than 4,500 research papers.
Moreover, the Taif University confirmed that Shanghai Ranking aims to focus on the best scientific research outputs and highly qualified researchers, in addition to the distinguished international research cooperation that the university worked on with several universities and international research centers, which positively reflected on the quality of scientific research and the transfer of knowledge and expertise.
Accomplishing this achievement means that Taif University enhances its status globally and locally, highlighting that this achievement comes after the remarkable development in scientific research in terms of quality and abundance, which doubles the University's responsibility to continue excellence, achieve success, and make a qualitative leap for the university's position.
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