65 Countries Receive Dates from Unaizah International Dates Season

Wednesday 1444/1/19 - 2022/08/17
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Unaizah, Saudi Arabia, August 17, 2022, SPA -- A total of 65 countries around the world have received dates from the Unaizah International Dates Season since its inception, including Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for the Arab States and Arab countries, such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, and several countries in East Asia, Europe and the USA.
Head of the Agricultural Committee at the Unaizah Chamber and President of the External Export in the season Abdulrahman Al-Krieda noted that the sukkari dates is the most wanted type for foreign markets due to its quality and availability, in addition to Al-Saqii and Al-Majdoul, adding that there are traders who received the Saudi date mark, which is a quality mark that shows that products are safe, where this mark is granted to certain institutions after applying technical and standards requirements in food safety and conform to the conditions of global markets.
Al-Krieda noted that the exportation mechanism is made through special vehicles that leave Unaizah every morning through land before they arrive in their destination within less than 12 hours, adding that there are other amounts that are shipped to Arab, Maghrib and European countries through sea freight.
Exporting dates has increased and included new countries, such as the Republic of Korea.
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