Saudi Center for Opinion Poll Takes Part in Debates on Developing the Int'l Public Opinion Measures

Friday 1444/3/4 - 2022/09/30
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Riyadh, Sep. 30, 2022, SPA -- Experts and researchers affiliated to the Saudi Center for Public Opinion Poll have taken part together with their counterparts from 130 countries in debates focussing on ways to develop measuring the international public opinion, it was reported here today.
This came at the 75th session of Gallup International Society conference which was held in the Spanish capital of Madrid from 25 - 28 September 2022.
The conference tackled a host of issues related to measuring public opinion.
The participants agreed to disseminate the culture of new methods dealing with the developments of public opinion and caring for training in the coming session including inacting innovative measures for quality that leads to more confidence in public surveys.
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