Saudi Ministry of Justice: 1.5 Million clients benefit from digital conveyance of title deeds

Monday 1444/3/7 - 2022/10/03
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Riyadh, October 03, 2022, SPA -- The Saudi Ministry of Justice said today that more than 1.5 million beneficiaries made use of the digital title deeds conveyance service, which transfers paper title deeds into digital ones. The ministry aims to provide property security and create more efficient and easier to use and retrieve digital services.‎
“The title deeds conveyance service goes through a number of phases in order to check and match the entered data and ensure its accuracy,” said the ministry.
The service can be obtained through the property related section on Najiz portal. Clients can also view their property related files through a dedicated “my property” section on the platform”. Added the ministry.This service helped many clients complete title deeds conveyance without having to visit different entities or notaries.
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