Shura Council Holds 2nd Ordinary Session

Tuesday 1444/3/8 - 2022/10/04
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Riyadh, October 04, 2022, SPA -- Presided over by its Deputy Speaker Dr. Mishaal bin Fahm Al-Salami, the Shura Council held virtually today its 2nd ordinary session.
During the meeting, the Shura Council discussed a number of reports presented by the Hajj, Housing and Services Committee; the Health Committee; the Financial and Economic Committee; the Trade and Investment Committee; and the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee.
The Shura Council approved a draft memorandum of understanding between the General Authority of Foreign Trade (GAFT) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Costa Rica on the development of trade relations between the two countries.
It also approved a draft cooperation agreement between the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the government of the Hellenic Republic in the field of sports.
The Shura Council also discussed a number of issues on its agenda.
17:23 LOCAL TIME 14:23 GMT