Supporting and Strengthening Role of Teachers … Priorities that Have Been always Firmly Rooted in the Saudi Education System

Tuesday 1444/3/8 - 2022/10/04
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Riyadh, October 04, 2022, SPA -- Teachers take part in training and development programs and projects that advance their professional qualifications and boost to improve the standard of instruction and learning outcomes. This goes well in line with the Human Capacity Development Program and the Saudi Vision 2030's objectives.
The Ministry of Education continues to implement numerous projects and programs for the ongoing training and professional development of educational occupants, coinciding with International Teacher’s Day, which falls on October 5 of each year, in addition to building a system for professional development in the education sector.
The professional development of teachers keeps up with local, regional and international developments, promotes professionalization, and raises the level of professional educational practices to professionalism. This, in turn, contributes to qualify teacher and raises his professional standing so they can deal with the most recent techniques of teaching, application, and evaluation.
The Ministry supports strategies and initiatives that help teachers get ready for their jobs, improve their skills, and do a better job of teaching the new curriculum, developed courses, and new subjects for secondary school tracks.
The Ministry of Education collaborates with international organizations and centers in the field of creative transformation in educational technologies, and the development of innovative teaching methods, in addition to certifying teachers in accordance with the STEM methodology, which aims to integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and achieve interdependence among them.
In addition to the summer educational professional development program and the special education project, the Ministry of Education offers many programs to train teachers in school leadership, the early childhood project, reading comprehension teaching techniques, blended, electronic, and distance education systems, and measurement and evaluation tool training.
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