FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Saudi Fans Perfume Streets of Doha with Lavender

Sunday 1444/5/3 - 2022/11/27
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Doha, Nov 27, 2022, SPA -- The Saudi fans bring lavender flowers to the fans of the FIFA World Cup - Qatar 2022, with the aim of highlighting the positive image of the generosity and hospitality of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people and the warm welcome, shown by its people, in an initiative of the Saudi national team’s fan zone.
Lavender flowers are a symbol of the Kingdom's nature, hospitality and the unique desert environment, as they cover the Saudi deserts in the spring and reflect their cultural symbolism in the desert environment of the Kingdom, and are known for their unique shape and odor.
It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) has created an interactive zone for fans under the name “Saudi House”, which includes 21 activities in 10 pavilions, and cultural, sports and entertainment activities are presented throughout the zone, including interactive games, and the Green Falcons Museum, which reviews the march of the national team and its most prominent players since its establishment, and a T-shirt store, scarves and flags, and a theater whose giant screen displays the World Cup matches, with various folklore shows.
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