TVTC: Over 6,000 people received training in tourism sector this year

Sunday 1444/5/3 - 2022/11/27
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Riyadh, November 27, 2022, SPA -- Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) has announced training 6,189 people in tourism and hotel fields as part of training national personnel and empowering them in this vital sector to keep pace with realizing goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.
TVTC Spokesperson Fahd Al-Oteibi said that the corporation, since years, has embarked on designing and providing specialized training programs to train citizens to work in this sector and lead its facilities through diversified training programs in tourism and hospitality fields at four technical colleges for males and seven technical colleges for females, in addition to fully operating four specialized colleges in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Al-Madinah, Al-Muzahmiya, Taif and Al-Russ.
Al-Oteibi noted that the corporation implements several tracks to meet the needs of the labor market of national personnel in the fields of tourism, hotel and hospitality in cooperation with its partners from the business sector, where seven specialized institutes and academies are currently operating in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the strategic partnerships program at TVTC.
The corporation works in integration with several institutions concerned with the labor market to study various new vocational tracks and future specializations with the aim of designing and offering training programs that keep pace with the needs of the current and future labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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