"Knowledge Communication" and "China-Arab Studies" Centers launch the "The Sino-Arab Partnership and the Advancement of the Global Development Initiative" Book

Thursday 1444/5/7 - 2022/12/01
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Riyadh, December 01, 2022, SPA -- Center for Research and Knowledge Communication (CRIK) in Riyadh and the China-Arab Studies Center for Reform and Development in Shanghai inaugurated the "The Sino-Arab Partnership and Advancement of the Global Development Initiative" book in both Arabic and Chinese, with the participation of CRIK head, Dr. Yahiya Mahmoud bin Junaid, and the CEO of the Board of Directors of the China-Arab Center, Dr. Li Yansong, KSA’s Ambassador to China, Abdul Rahman bin Ahmed Al-Harbi, Ambassador Li Chen for China-Arab States Cooperation Forum Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, and the Chinese ambassador to the Kingdom, Chen Weiqing, and several diplomats, academics, and researchers from the two centers.
The ceremony, which took place via "Zoom" technology, included an appreciation of the role played by CRIK in bridging cultural, knowledge, and human relations between the two countries, and praising the joint publishing program adopted by the Center with several Chinese institutions, centers, and universities.
CEO of the Board of Directors of the China Arab Center for Reform and Development welcomed the partnership with CRIK, and keenness to work together to consolidate the relations between the two countries, which extend deep into history, reiterating China's efforts to develop its relations with Arab countries, especially the Kingdom.
He explained that the book includes working papers for the third session of the China-Arab Forum for Reform and Development, which was organized by the China-Arab Center for Reform and Development Studies on September 8, 2022, commissioned by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and with the participation of 20 experts from several countries, in which they shed light on the global development initiative, and exchanged ideas on ways to promote common development between the two sides and promote the integration of development strategies within the framework of the Global Development Initiative, put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his participation in the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, 2021.
Dr. Bin Junaid stressed the importance of cooperation between cultural and intellectual institutions in a way that supports the common desire of the two countries and their leadership to advance bilateral relations, expanding the circle of rapprochement and understanding, and building on deep-rooted historical relations.
He referred to the center's adoption of the joint publishing program, which contributed to translating many Chinese books into Arabic, in cooperation with Chinese institutions and publishing houses, as well as translating Saudi books into the Chinese language, to achieve positive communication between the two countries, whose relations are historical.
He stressed that the movement of translation between the Arabic and Chinese languages ​​is weak, and does not rise to the level of relations between China and the Arab world, especially the Kingdom, praising the joint effort that was made in issuing the book "The Sino-Arab Partnership", stressing that next year will witness the issuance of a large number of publications within the framework of the center’s goal in activating knowledge communication with China and other countries.
Ambassador Li Chen indicated that these ideas put forward by experts in the working papers of the third session of the China-Arab States Forum on Reform and Development deserved documentation, due to their positive impact in supporting the Global Development Initiative, aimed at achieving constructive cooperation between countries, and the achievement of sustainable development, praising the cooperation between the two centers, and their experience in joint publishing, which contributes to the consolidation of the cultural and knowledge structure between China and the Kingdom, and the Arab world in general.
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