KAUST signs MoU with Chinese investment company "Sinovation Ventures"

Tuesday 1444/5/12 - 2022/12/06
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Riyadh, December 06, 2022, SPA -- King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Chinese investment company "Sinovation Ventures" signed today a memorandum of understanding that establishes a working relationship that serves their shared strategic interests by initiating technology projects, forming partnerships for technology development, and providing related advisory services, in the presence of the University President KAUST Prof. Tony Chan, Vice President for Innovation Dr. Kevin Cullen, and CEO of Sinovation Dr. Kay Foley.
The MoU covers the employment opportunities in technology, artificial intelligence applications that use Arabic, and the potential for establishing investment ventures in this area.
In the memorandum of understanding, a group of academics working in technical fields with promising commercial potential and developing businesses from KAUST University are given priority in terms of coordination and cooperation.
19:05 LOCAL TIME 16:05 GMT