Mount Raum in Najran... a Mesmerising Destination for climbing, hacking fans

Monday 1444/6/23 - 2023/01/16
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Najran, January 16, 2023, SPA -- From the top of Mount Raum with its charming and beautiful panoramic view overlooking Najran Valley, surrounded by old castles, mud houses, palm trees, and green plains, climbing and hiking enthusiasts arrive at the area to enjoy the fresh air and captivating geographical nature, making Mount Raum an entertainment destination.
The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) accompanied a team of different ages on a hike from the bottom of the mountain by a streamlined route to the historic archaeological castle of Raum, which is one of the most prominent tourist sites in the region that receives tourists of various nationalities for its amazing and historical location, as well as its view of the captivating landscape that surrounds it from both sides.
Highlighting the objectives and benefits of hiking, tourist Ibrahim Al-Mansour underlined the cultural, social, and sports aspects, mainly to make people enjoy the free air and space. It also contributes to boosting mental abilities, enhancing relationships with others, boosting health immunity against diseases, and burning calories.
Hiking member Mohsen Namis noted that they were about to embark on routes within the Kingdom to make friendships with other hiking teams and learn about the Kingdom's natural geographical elements, as well as raise awareness among community members on the benefits of walking.
Hiking has been spreading in the Kingdom among various age groups, due to its health benefits to humans. It's a sport that can be practiced by all age groups, amateurs or professionals, especially since it does not need experience to practice it. It is also an attractive sport for tourists from all around the world, who like to discover mountainous nature and the Kingdom's diverse features.
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