British Explorer Mark Evans' Trek Documents Tourist Sites in Saudi Arabia

Thursday 1444/6/26 - 2023/01/19
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Al-Quway’iyah, Jan 19, 2023, SPA -- The "Heart of Arabian Peninsula" trek of the British explorer Mark Evans and his team has contributed to the documentation of the tourist sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as their trek follows in footsteps of the legend British explorer Abdullah Philby.
The exploring team crossed Qiddiya mountains through "Darb al-Manjur", a path extends from the heights of Qiddiya mountains towards Dhurma, and was used by residents and caravans to move between cities and villages, and extends westward to the village of Dasman affiliated to Al-Quway’iyah, and located in sandy ground with a bottom layer of hard rock that retains rain water for a long time with fresh abundant water.
Among the distinguishing features of Dhurma, which is located within the trek, are the agricultural areas that extend to Nafud Al-Qunfudah and are located within the path of the heart of Arabian Peninsula's trek made by Philby, which is a high sandy area with a charming view of the city and a park for residents and passers-by.
Within the trek's path, there is also Nafud Dalqan in which the explorer Evans and his team stayed the whole day, amid an old uninterrupted running water stream, which is located east of the town of Al-Quway’iyah to Nafud Al-Sir from the east, where the sand ends. It is also distinguished by the sand dunes that form the charming nature in its formation of curves up and down the dunes' slopes with their golden color, interspersed with types of wild plants on their slopes.
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