Saudi Theater and Performing Arts Commission Launches Qemam International Festival For Mountain Performance Arts at 7 Sites in Asir

Friday 1444/6/27 - 2023/01/20
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Abha, Jan 20, 2023, SPA -- The Saudi Theater and Performing Arts Commission kicked off today (Friday), January 20th, 2023, the second edition of Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts in seven sites across Asir region. The festival, which is organized by the Theater and Performing Arts Commission will continue until January 27th.
The festival includes a significant lively carnival parade at the Art Street in Abha, which showcases the costumes, folk performances, and songs on floats beautifully decorated with the colors of the participating countries. This edition of the festival is witnessing the participation of 16 Saudi folk bands besides 14 international folk bands, in which they will present 32 local and international mountain performing arts.
On this occasion, CEO of Theater and Performing Arts Commission, Sultan Al-Bazie confirmed that “Qemam” is the first global festival dedicated to mountain performing arts, that also promotes and introduces the heritage and archaeological sites in Asir, such as Basta Al-Qabil, Abu Shahra Palace in Al-Masqi, Shamsan Castle, Bin Adwan Heritage Village, Malik Historical Palace, Al-Mushait Palaces, the Castles of Abu Nuqata Al-Mutahmi.
Al-Bazie added that the festival visitors will be introduced to young talents through a variety of musical and art performing shows with the participation of the folk bands. It includes cultural activities that are not usually found in modern cities, such as the storytellers, village weddings and celebration rituals and the special traditional food.
Qemam Festival seeks to highlight the rich folklore and heritage of the kingdom, as well as contributes to the development of the theater and performing arts sector and celebrates it in a distinctive festive atmosphere, in addition to improving the quality of life and developing the cultural sector, in which they are in line with the objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and the National Strategy for Culture.
Al-Bazie further said that this festival builds on the success achieved by the first edition. It raises the level of awareness of the local and international arts and ancient heritage. It is an opportunity for visitors to explore the history, arts, styles, and performances of these arts. He added that these arts and folk heritage are what brings people together, which is the main message of the festival besides strengthening the cultural position of the kingdom globally.
In cooperation with Abha Literary Club, Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts will present an inspiring cultural program through seminars, and workshops about folk performing arts with the participation of Saudi and international experts. Each festival site will host a group of events in allocated areas, such as the exhibition of costumes and theater, village folk activities, platforms for live music, children’s area, craftsmen shops, and a variety of stores selling different goods, gifts, fashionable clothing, and souvenirs. There will be live cooking shows with the participation of well-known local chefs, including an area for local cuisines and small family businesses.
During the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in mountain sports such as hiking, mountain biking, and camping, which will be arranged with local tourism companies.
Visitors can enjoy the festival events daily 3pm to 11pm.
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