"Shamsan Castle" Enthralls Visitors of Qemam International Festival, with History of 100 Years

Monday 1444/7/1 - 2023/01/23
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Abha, January 23, 2023, SPA -- The Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts, organized by the Theater and Performing Arts Commission in seven locations in the Asir region, has enriched its visitors with daily performances that represent the heritage of mountain arts, in addition to several participating countries.
In the ancient "Shamsan Castle," north of Abha, the visitor is greeted with the tones of Oud and its varied instrumentals, then the journey begins between the corners that display the traditional costumes of the participating countries, and others devoted to local crafts, the contents of which varies between making souvenirs inspired by the mountains, introducing the art of the Asiri cat, selling traditional antiques, beaded jewelry, and aquatic flower formations.
In the fashion track, the visitor gets acquainted with the traditional costumes of the participating countries from South Korea, India, and China, in addition to costumes from Scotland, Switzerland, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Oman, Iraq, Morocco, Sudan, and Yemen.
Visitors also enjoyed watching examples of local and international folklore performances such as a welcome dance that Asir dancers have long used to welcome performers from elsewhere, in an ancient local tradition, swords dance from Tabuk, Iraqi Choubi dance, and the “Chinese dragon” from China, as well as experiencing the various dishes prepared by elite Saudi chefs from the local cuisine.
The historic Shamsan Castle was chosen as one of the venues for the events due to its life spanning more than 100 years and the fact that it combines the heritage and tourism dimensions of the Asir region, as it is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level, and covers a total area of about 5,389 square meters, which gave it an aesthetic formation that was reflected in providing a parallel stone background with an aesthetic view of Abha.
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