The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Receives Syrian Opposition Leaders

الخميس 1437/2/28 هـ الموافق 2015/12/10 م واس
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Riyadh, Safar 28, 1437, Dec 10, 2015, SPA -- Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud reaffirmed here tonight, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to bring about security, stability and justice to Syria, in order to be safe and stable, praying to Allah to guide the Syrians to best serve their country, its fraternal people and the Arab nation and to unite Arab stance, in all Arab countries.

These remarks were made by the King as he received at Al-Oujah Palace, in Dareiyah, leaders of the Syrian opposition, who concluded their meetings, here earlier in the day, adding that, after welcoming them in their country, which is the cradle of Pan-Arabism, the country of the Arab, which is called the Arab Peninsula. I would like, the King said, to tell you that Syria is dear to us and our relation with Syria is historical and the Syrian and the Syrian brethren’s steadfast, is important to us.

We wish that the Al-mighty Allah to guide you, in order that you may bring about security, stability and justice, in Syria, the King stated, reiterating that we wish you the good, we want to close ranks, we want Syria to be restored, as it was. Syria, he said was used to provide the Kingdom with advisors, some of them have become ministers, ambassadors and physicians, since I was young, and I knew them, since the time of my late father, may Allah mercy be upon him, and you know them, anyway. As you know. The Kingdom, he added, that the Kingdom is the launching pad of the Pan-Arabism, hence, its responsibility augmented, I reiterate welcoming you and wishing you all success, God grace, for what is best to serve Syria as what is best serve Syria, is the best to serve the Arabs, entirely.

The King said that we wish that the Arabs will close ranks, in all their countries, and that may Allah accept our prayers. I repeated, the King stated, that this country is yours and its people are your brethren. Praise to Allah, the King indicated, that we don't stand, in need, for anything, but to close the Arab ranks, to have a sole Arab nation stance. I reiterate and repeat, that we pay respect to all faith, the King said, pointing out that the Noble Quran has been reveled here, in an Arab country to an Arab Prophet, in Arabic, which is a grace from Allah, the Al-Mighty, but from the time of the Prophet and the Caliphs up to the time being, all religions are respected and every one's faith is between him and his lord, however serving our religion, our Pan-Arabism and the Arab Peninsula, are inalienable, a fact that I repeat to stress, in addition I say, too, that we expect, God grace, goodness and success to best serve our Syrian brethren and thank you, the King concluded.
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