Saudi Stock Exchange Market downs by 24 points

الخميس 1437/9/11 هـ الموافق 2016/06/16 م واس
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Riyadh, Ramadan 11, 1437, Jun 16, 2016, SPA -- Saudi Stock Exchange Market (Tadawul) index closed down today at the end of its weekly trading by 24.04 points at 6542.64 points with a trading value exceeded more than SR 3.1 billion.
Number of shares traded were more than 195 million shares, and shares of 34 companies registered up in value while the value of 123 shares have declined.
Shares of gas, United Insurance, Dar Al-Arkan, Al-Mutatwerah and Amiantit companies were the most gainers today, while shares of Al Rajhi Takaful, United Insurance, Winsab, Amana Insurance and Saudi Fish companies were the lowest and the percentage of rise and fall has ranged between 9.92% to 2%.
Shares of Alinma Bank, Dar Al Arkan, Saudi Electricity, Saudi Kayan, and Amiantit companies were on the list of most active of shares per quantity, while shares of Al-Alinma, SABIC, Saudi Electricity, Dar Al Arkan and Al Rajhi Takaful companies topped the list of most active shares per value.
16:28 LOCAL TIME 13:28 GMT