Saudi National Shooting Team Wins Gold, Silver Medals in Arab Shooting Championship

الجمعة 1442/11/1 هـ الموافق 2021/06/11 م واس
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Cairo, June 11, 2021, SPA -- The Saudi national shooting team (Green Shooters) has won 5 medals in the Arab Shooting Championship, held in Cairo from June 1-12 with the participation of 16 Arab countries.
In the team competition, the Saudi national team has recorded second-place finishes and won the silver medal through shooters of the national team, including Prince Saud bin Al-Hassan bin Saud, Saeed Al-Mutairi and Hatem Al-Shimmari.
Shooters Misfer Al-Amari, Hussein Al-Harbi and Fayez Al-Enezi won the second place in the air pistol discipline.
In the individual pistol competition, Safar Al-Dossary and Atallah Al-Enezi won first and second places.
In the team competition level, the national team has won the second place and silver medal through shooters Safar Al-Dossary and Atallah Al-Enezi and Mohammad Al-Malki.
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