International Conference for Dialogue starts in Madrid on Wednesday 3 Madrid

الجمعة 1429/7/8 هـ الموافق 2008/07/11 م واس
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Highlighting the agenda of the conference, Al-Turki said seven sessions will be held over the three days of the conference. Four themes will be discussed.
The first theme is "Dialogue and its Religious and Cultural Origins", which will discuss dialogue according to followers of divine religions and oriental philosophies.
The second theme is "The Significance of Dialogue in Human Societies" which will discuss the continuing dialogue of civilizations and cultures and the impact of dialogue on peaceful coexistence, international relations, and the confrontation of conflict and calls for the end of history.
The third theme is "Common Humanitarian Factors in the fields of Dialogue". which examines the moral situation in contemporary human society, the importance of religion and values in the fight against crime, drugs and corruption, and the relationship of religion and family to social stability, and the human responsibility in protecting the environment.
The fourth and last theme is "Evaluation and Promotion of Dialogue" which highlights the prospects of dialogue, the efforts exerted by countries of the world and international organizations in enhancing dialogue and facing the difficulties, and the role and impact of media on spreading the culture of dialogue and coexistence among peoples of the world.