Ministry of Interior issues statement on the attack incident against the Assistant Minister of Interior 8 Riyadh

الأربعاء 1430/9/12 هـ الموافق 2009/09/02 م واس
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Prince Mohammed bin Naif: But, thanks to Allah, what I know is that nobody has a case of this kind against any member of your group.
Suicide bomber: If you possibly can dispatch a special plane or anything so that I can speak to the youth from your office; for such a thing would certainly have them reassured.
Prince Mohammed bin Naif: As you wish. You are the one who can evaluate the situation. If the situation remains the same until the plane is sent to you, you are then welcome.
Suicide bomber: God bless you.
Prince Mohammed bin Naif: If not possible, urge your brothers to come.
Suicide bomber: Then, let me speak to Thamer and call you back.
Prince Mohammed bin Naif: Talk, think, consult and be reassured of my side. However, the most important thing is not to tell your mother unless Ibrahim was available.
Suicide bomber: Welcome. Please pardon us as this should not have happened.
Prince Mohammed bin Naif: I pardon you. You are part of us. We would like to have you on our side and that nobody would take advantage of you. This is what we want.
Suicide bomber: God willing.