Council of Senior Scholars issues a statement on terrorism: its danger and combat

Wednesday 1435/11/22 - 2014/09/17
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Riyadh, Dhu-AlQa'dah 22, 1435, September 17, 2014, SPA -- The Council of Senior Scholars stressed that terrorism is a heinous crime, injustice and aggression rejected by Sharia and instinct in all its forms, and its perpetrator deserves deterrent punishment according to the provisions of Islamic Sharia, the requirements of maintaining its authority, and the prohibition of disobedience to the Ruler.
This came in a statement issued by the Council today at the conclusion of its 80th session held in Riyadh starting from 19/11/1435 AH.
The statement said that the Council reviewed in its session the decisions and statements issued by it about the threat of terrorism, warning against it and the criminalization of its means and financing, including decision No. 239, dated 27/4 / 1431H, in which the Council described terrorism as a crime targeting corruption, undermining security and a crime on the lives and public and private property such as blasting houses, schools, hospitals, factories, bridges, blowing up or hijacking airplanes, as well as blasting public resources of the State as oil and gas pipelines and other acts of corruption and vandalism which are forbidden by Sharia.
It added that terrorism is contrary to the purposes of this great religion which came as a mercy to the worlds and for the goodness of humans at present and in the future, noting that the Islamic religion came for the construction of the earth and maintaining the system of coexistence on it.
The statement indicated that the tolerance of this great religion which is against terrorism and its transgressions is one of the most leading characteristics of the Islamic Sharia and the greatest one of its purposes.
It said that these great purposes of the Islamic Sharia reflect the magnitude of this religion and its perfection, and that extremism and terrorism, which spoil the earth and destroy crops and cattle, are not from Islam at all.
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