Senior Scholars Council hails announcement of formation of Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism

Tuesday 1437/3/4 - 2015/12/15
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Riyadh, Rabi'I 4, 1437, Dec 15, 2015, SPA -- The General Secretariat of Senior Scholars Council commended the announcement of the formation of the Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism, to be based in Riyadh.
In a statement today, the Council stressed that terrorism threatens the whole world, topped by the Islamic world, which is considered the most affected by it, and has become a threat to its peoples and countries in their stability and gains, and was taken as a pretext to tarnish the pure image of Islam, as well as a pretext to tamper with its security and vital interests in addition to the interference in its affairs.
The Council's Secretariat also indicated that fighting and combating terrorism are one of the most important duties imposed by the Islamic religion, which is a duty at a time where the Islamic world has to be urged to fight and cooperate against it.
On this occasion, the General Secretariat of the Senior Scholars Council called on the countries of the Islamic world to hasten to join this alliance which is a new breakthrough adopted the spirit of pioneering, initiative and responsibility.

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