Asiri holds press conference 2 Riyadh

Monday 1437/4/22 - 2016/02/01
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This came in the press conference Asiri held following the announcement of the Coalition Command for supporting legitimacy in Yemen to form a high-level independent team in the field of weapons and humanitarian international law to evaluate the military targeting mechanisms and incidents taking place in civil locations.
Asiri said that the impartial committee formed by the Yemeni government to verify all claims has visited the relevant military authorities, including the Command of the Joint Forces and the air forces operations center. During meetings with senior officers there, the committee was convinced that there the military task they were performing was never done at random or blindly. However, human errors were not ruled out.
He revealed that the committee is currently based in Aden, but having daily contact through an appointed liaison officer with the command and the center.
He added that all accusations and claims reaching the Coalition Command were investigated by the committee and none was neglected.
He cited the hitting of a hospital belonging to doctors without borders organization which took place at Haidan province in northern Yemen on October 25, 2015 as receiving thorough investigation, revealing that the hospital was never a military target of the Coalition Command. However, footage sent by the organization confirmed that the hospital was accidently hit.
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