Official Source: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Stops Aid to Arm Lebanese Army and Internal Security Forces

Friday 1437/5/10 - 2016/02/19
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Riyadh, Jumada I 10, 1437, Feb 19, 2016, SPA -- An official source said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has consistently provided, throughout its history, the support to Arab and Islamic countries and that the Lebanese Republic has always had the large share of this support and assistance.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stood by Lebanon in all its difficult stages and supported it without any discrimination among its sects and groups, a matter is well known by all Lebanese people and we do not need to prove that. The last aid which was recently announced by the Kingdom was a support to the Lebanese army and internal security forces to ensure achieving security and stability of Lebanon and maintain its sovereignty. In spite of these honorable stances, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was countered by anti Lebanese stances at Arab, regional and international levels in light of so-called Hezbollah's confiscation of the Lebanese state's will, as happened in the Arab League Council and the Organizations of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) regarding Lebanon's non-condemnation of the blatant attacks against the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and its Consulate General in Mash-had which are contrary to international law and diplomatic norms. These assaults were denounced by all countries across the world, the UN Security Council and other international organizations in addition to the political and media positions led by the so-called (Hezbollah in Lebanon) against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its terrorist practices against the Arab and Islamic nation.
The source added that the Kingdom Saudi Arabia considers these positions as regrettable and unjustified and are inconsistent with the fraternal relations between the two countries and they are not taking into account their interests and ignoring all the Kingdom's historical and supportive stances towards Lebanon during its economic and political crises.

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