security spokesman for the Interior Ministry: Security Agencies Raided, Killed Wanted Bahraini National, in Awwamiyya, at farm

Tuesday 1437/5/14 - 2016/02/23
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Riyadh, Jumada I 14, 1437, Feb 23, 2016, SPA -- Security spokesman for the Interior Ministry said that on 4 o'clock of the afternoon of Tuesday, 05/14/1437 AH, security authorities managed, grace of God, to raid a security agencies wanted Ali Mahmoud Ali Abdullah, a Bahraini national, on available evidence for his involvement in the committing of a number of terrorist crimes to destabilize public order and the security of the society, in the province of Qatif. While he was at a farm in the town of Awwamiya, direct security men attempt to arrest him, he shot at them and was firmly dealt with as required, resulting in his death. A machine gun and a pistol were seized, with him.
Ministry of the Interior announces that to confirm to anyone who tamper with the security of the homeland and the citizen that the hand of justice will reach them, wherever their hideouts, and also calls on the wanted to surrender themselves to security agencies, and warns at the same time of harboring them or giving them any kind of support will subject to statutory accountability.
-- SPA
22:22 LOCAL TIME 19:22 GMT