Coalition Command of Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen Opens Investigation to Verify Houthi Allegations that Coalition Airplanes Target A Civilian Home in a Yemeni Village

Wednesday 1437/7/13 - 2016/04/20
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Riyadh, Rajab 13, 1437, Apr 20, 2016, SPA -- The Coalition Command of Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen announced that it was briefed on allegations made public by the Houthi spokesperson that the coalition airstrikes have targeted a civilian home in the village of Qotbain Mswarah in Nahm Province in Yemen.
Emanating from its responsibilities towards the brotherly people of Yemen, the coalition command has assigned the Incidents Assessment Team to verify these allegations quickly and forward the result urgently prior to taking the necessary measure upon principles of the internationally-recognized rules of professionalism.

18:29 LOCAL TIME 15:29 GMT