Security Spokesman: Most Wanted Was Arrested 24 Hours After His Two Companions Were Killed 2 Riyadh

Sunday 1437/7/24 - 2016/05/01
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Then, Brigadier Engineer Bassam Atiyah of the Center of Strategic Studies of the Interior Ministry spoke, noting that in the region of Asir's Bisha province, a terrorist act was aborted and included two cars carrying an amount of explosives on the dawn of last Friday during quality field operations that covered up to 40 kilometers and continuous work over 24 hours, this operation resulted in the death of Yasser Ali Alhodi and Abdul Aziz Alshehri and capture of the wanted Oqab Al-Otaibi.
He pointed out that the dead Yasser Ali Alhodi "21 years" had experience in making explosive belts and explosives, and planned for the assassination of a security officer in the Qassim region and was involved and participated in the assassination of Brigadier Kitab Al-Hammadi.
The dead Abdulaziz Alshehri "35 years" was active in terrorism since 1425 H. and entered the terrorist circle at the height of Alqaeda's terrorist acts that targeted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and had a link with the bombing of the special emergency forces in Assir and had a link to the assassination of Brigadier General Kitab Al Hammadi.
The arrested Oqab Al-Otaibi "29 years" has to do with the act of shooting at worshipers at the Mustafa mosque in the village of Aldalwah, the bombing of the mosque of emergency special in Assir, the incident of Strategic Storage, the assassination of a security man and the assassination of Kitab Al-Hammadi.
Brigadier Attia indicated that the arrested Oqab Al-Otaibi holds an intermediate certificate, and is pursuing a takfiri thought, and participated in a terrorist plot targeting followers of the Shiite community in Madinah, and planned to go out to Iraq and was arrested in 1429 H., and went out to the areas of conflict in Syria in 1434 H. through Kuwait and Turkey and in Syria, he joined the Daash and received the necessary preparation and training for terrorist acts in the kingdom, and was exported back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Syria to Sudan and then to Yemen and Jizan and settled in Khamis Mushayt for a period and then went to Dhurma.
Brigadier Atia said that the orders and instructions to the arrested Oqab were from Daash agents in Syria that he creates a base for terrorist operations management in Dhurma, where Dhurma was a factory for the manufacture of explosive belts and explosives and training of field suicide bombers.
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