Ministry of Hajj, Umrah: Iranian Delegation Refuses to Sign Minutes of Agreement to Seal Year 1437 A.H. Pilgrimage Arrangements Riyadh 2

Thursday 1437/8/5 - 2016/05/12
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Fourth/ Delegation of the Iranian Hajj Affairs refused to sign the minutes of the agreement to seal the arrangements for the pilgrimage of this year 1437 AH, citing the desire to offer them to a point of reference, in Iran, and expressed its strong determination to meet these following demands:
- That the visas shall be granted to their pilgrims from inside Iran.
- Reformulate the paragraph on civil aviation with respect to dividing transporting of pilgrims between the Iranian air carrier and the Saudi air carrier, a demand which is running contrary to the internationally recognized practice.
- Include clauses in the record to allow them to hold Kameel ritual, ceremony of innocence and the visitor handout, knowing that such gatherings hinder movements of the rest of pilgrims from other Islamic world.
Furthermore, the statement pointed out that the Iranian delegation left Saudi Arabia on Tuesday 12/7/1437 AH, without signing the minutes of agreed on arrangements for Iranian pilgrims for the Year 1437 AH, with the knowledge that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah welcomed and made it clear to the Iranian delegation that with regard to granting visas for Iranian pilgrims, it is possible to obtain Hajj visas electronically, from online, by inserting their pilgrims data, using standardized electronic system for the outside incoming pilgrims.
With regard to arrival halt of Iranian pilgrims from inside Iran, the statement stated that: "The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah would like to indicate that the authorities in the Kingdom did not prevent, at all, coming of Iranian pilgrims and that the ban has imposed by the Iranian government, using it as a means for numerous media pressure exerted on The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."
The statement emphasized that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah issued this statement to underscore, once again, that Saudi Arabia's leadership, government and people welcome all pilgrims, visitors from around the world as well as from different nationalities and their religious affiliations, and that they do not prevent any Muslim from coming to the Holy Lands to practice religion rituals as long as they are taking place, in the framework of compliance and instructions adopted for the Hajj, as Saudi Arabia has mobilized all human and material potentials to serve the pilgrims and visitors and to ensure their safety and comfort, during the performing Hajj and Umrah.
Any party that may prevent their compatriots of exercising their right to perform pilgrimage, shall be responsible for its decision and be hold accountable before
Allah and the entire world.
-- SPA
21:19 LOCAL TIME 18:19 GMT