Tripartite summit held in Doha on Yemen's Kuwait consultations

Sunday 1437/8/15 - 2016/05/22
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Doha, Shaba'an 14, 1437, May 21, 2016, SPA -- A tripartite summit, comprising the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Yemeni President Abd Rabuh Mansour Hadi and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, was held here today.
The Yemeni news agency, which carried the news, said the meeting tackled peace in Yemen and the developments of talks being held in Kuwait under the patronage of the UN according to the agreed references: the GCC initiative, its executive mechanism, the international legitimacy resolutions, particularly resolution No. 2216 and the outcomes of the national comprehensive dialogue.
It said the meeting confirmed support for the peace consultations and the legitimacy in Yemen, represented by President Hadi, the end of the coup, bringing about peace, ceasefire, and resumption of the political process according to the prescribed references.
-- SPA
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