With presence of the Deputy Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman College for Administration and Entrepreneurship with US Partnership is Launched

Friday 1437/9/12 - 2016/06/17
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This partnership between Misk foundation and the economic city is compatible with the Deputy Crown Prince's vision in developing educational and cultural level of the young people.
Establishment of the college also copes with the Saudi leadership's trends towards achieving the Kingdom Vision 2030 regarding developing quality education to boost the economy and bridge the gap between outcomes of higher education and requirements of the labor market as well as support small and medium-sized enterprises as one of engines of the economic growth that contributes to job creation and supports for innovation.
Prince Mohammed bin Salman College for Administration and Entrepreneurship is the first educational institution providing college degree and postgraduate studies in the field of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.
Babson Global, 1st college of entrepreneurship education in the United States, and Lockheed Martin, one of the companies of the economic balance program, will provide their educational experiences in the higher education in accordance with innovative methodology in education and application.
The college includes a research and development center in entrepreneurship which is a first college in the Kingdom providing administrative and strategic studies to develop entrepreneurship field.
The college gives the college's students an opportunity of interaction and intellectual contribution with the public and private sectors.
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