Security spokesman of Interior Ministry announces detection of perpetrators of bombings in Madinah, Qatif and Jeddah, & arrest of 19 persons, including seven Saudis and 12 Pakistanis

Friday 1437/10/3 - 2016/07/08
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Jeddah, Shawwal 02, 1437, July 07, 2016, SPA -- Security spokesman of the Interior Ministry today announced that security authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have revealed the identities of perpetrators who carried out the terror attacks that recently took place in Madinah and Qatif, resulting in the martyrdom of four security men in Madinah.
Accordingly, and as a result of intensive follow-up and investigations, 19 persons, seven Saudis and twelve Pakistanis, who were involved in the terrorist attacks in Madinah, Qatif and Jeddah, were arrested, the spokesperson added.
He said that the investigations revealed that the terrorist who carried out the attack in a parking lot in the vicinity of the Prophet s mosque was Naer Musllam Hammad Al-Nijaidi Al-Balawe, a Saudi of 26-years-old with drug abuse history.
According to the security spokesman, the following persons have committed Qatif terror attack: Abdulrahman Saleh Mohammed Al-Amer, 23-years-old, formerly detained two years ago for having been involved in a mob calling for the release of terror-related detainees; Ibrhaim Saleh Mohammed Al-Amer, 20-years-old; and Abdulkareem Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hasini, 20-years-old. All of them are Saudis who have not obtained the national identity cards.
Examinations of the remains of the two terror attacks in Madinah and Qatif revealed the presence of the explosive Nitroglycerin substance, similar to the substance found in the bombing that took place at Sulaiman Faqih hospital parking lot in Jeddah, the spokesman said, adding that the concerned authority is still conducting the pertinent tests.
He concluded that a pursuant statement would be issued on the new developments of the ongoing investigations into those crimes.
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