Riyadh selected headquarters of Arab Tourism Experts Union

Sunday 1437/10/19 - 2016/07/24
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Amman, Shawwal 18, 1437 H, July 23, 2016, SPA -- Arab Tourism Experts Union today selected the city of Riyadh, capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as its headquarters in addition to opening branch headquarters in a number of Arab countries.
During the meetings, which were held here, the members of the union's Secretariat General, were also elected with the former Algerian minister of tourism Abdulqader ben Graina as Chairman of the union, Dr. Khalid Al-Rasheed, as his deputy and other 20 assistant secretary generals.
The countries who represent the General Commission of the union are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Tunisia, Algeria, Kuwait and Lebanon.
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