Statement of Command of Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen

Friday 1437/10/24 - 2016/07/29
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The Command of the coalition seen with deep regret on what appeared in the media quoting some relief and human rights non-governmental organizations (such as Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International) that reduce the coalition's efforts and its positive role for the entry of humanitarian aid and facilitate the trade of goods and oil derivatives over to Yemeni people.
As the Command of the coalition noted statements fallacies by some organizations about the health situation in Yemen brother
Based on the Command's of the coalition recognition of human suffering of people of Yemen, since the takeover of the coup against legitimacy, and its commitment to Security Council resolution No. 2216 of the relevant international resolutions, we would like to clarify the following:
- That the alliance does not impose a blockade or an economic boycott on Yemeni territory at all and that is what it does is the implementation of their duties towards the application of the provisions of United Nations resolutions aimed to prevent arms and ammunition smuggling.
- The health situation in Yemen is a priority to "Renewal of Hope " operation that the Command of the alliance has spared no effort to improve the process. The last of these efforts is an air drop of more than 40 tons of medical supplies to the city of Taiz and then transported to hospitals by all available means, including animals.
- Coalition forces, in cooperation with UN Mechanisms for Inspection and Check center UNVIM in Djibouti dedicated every effort to facilitate humanitarian aid traffic procedures and commercial goods and oil derivatives to all sectors of the Yemeni people without discrimination. The number of permits granted to all ports reached (4079) statement.
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