Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) on Yemen Responds to Claims on Coalition Forces' Violations in Decisive Storm Operations 3

Friday 1437/11/2 - 2016/08/05
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4- The Secretary-General of the United Nations claimed killing of as many as 32 and injury of another 41 civilians, in a traditional market, at the district of Nahm, in the governorate of Sana'a on 27/2/2016, but it was clear to the JIAT, following facts finding, that one of the Coalition aircraft which was embarking in an important air back-up operation, near to the Popular Resistance and the army loyal to the legitimate government, it monitored two transport vehicles full of personnel, ammunition and weapons belonging to the militia's of al-Houthi, situating near a small natives' market adjacent to a small buildings and tents, on a road linking Nahm district to the capital Sanaa, henceforth, it was swiftly dealt with these military targets, which is considered a valuable and highly effective and a legitimate target that secures a military advantage, by dropping a an accurate laser-guided bomb, noting that these gatherings were deployed in an uninhabited desert area, under the control of al-Houthi armed militias, which was a supply and provision point, as it was evidenced by important recordings indicted the presence of only 7 persons, at the site, a fact that confounds the fall of as many as 73 civilians, either dead or injured. The JIAT found that there were no fault done by the coalition forces of targeting civilians, in commitment to the rules of international humanitarian law, and in particular, there were no direct attacks on civilians.
5- The UN News Center claimed that the coalition forces have bombed the market of (KhamisMastaba), in the District of Hajjah on 15.3.2016 and the allegation of causing the death of some 106 civilians. We want to make clear, that it has been bombed as a target, based on solid intelligence asserting that a large gathering of Houthi armed militia (recruits), and that the gatherings were near a weekly market, which does not have any activity except on Thursdays of each week, knowing that the operation has taken place on Tuesday, as it was a legitimate military target and has a high value and achieve military advantage of being just 34 km from the border with Saudi Arabia, a fact that threatens troops stationed on the border. Moreover, the prosecution did not provide proof of the claims that civilian casualties, and the JIAT found no proof of any fault made by the coalition forces, in the process, and that the Coalition forces have abided by the rules of international humanitarian law.
6- The stated claim by the Special Prosecutor on extrajudicial cases or summary executions and arbitrary executions, with respect to an air strike resulted in the death of 47 civilians and injuring, at least 58, including women and children, during a wedding on 6/10/2015, in the province of Dhama, and by reference to the records relating to air sorties it has been concluded that there were no bombing of any target in the province Damar, related to date of the claim, but the evaluation JIAT, based on the importance of ensuring the prosecution, humanly and in anticipation of a probable mistake in the date of the allegation, a discuss on air operations targeted the same area on dates close to it, we depicted an air strike on 07/10/2015 on the road of Dhamar - Radaa - al-baidah) where a gathering of armed vehicles on the same road, on a precisely specified coordinates on the asphalt road, and it appeared that there was no targeting of civilians, in the same area, and it has been concluded by the JIAT the safety of the measurement applied coalition forces and its commitment to the rules of international humanitarian law.
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