Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) on Yemen Responds to Claims on Coalition Forces' Violations in Decisive Storm Operations 4

Friday 1437/11/2 - 2016/08/05
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7- President of the World Food Programme claimed that four trucks affiliated to the World Food Programme carrying food stuffs were exposed to bombing on 9/11/2015 at 10:00 pm in Hreib Directorate at Marib Governorate. This bombing has resulted in injuring 4 drivers and total destruction of two trucks and partial destruction of the other two trucks. Reviewing the facts, the JIAT found that the trucks were targeted based on intelligence information that trucks affiliated to Houthi armed militia and the forces of former President were carrying missiles to target the positions of coalition forces' and resistance loyal to the legitimate government in MaribProvince and presents an immediate threat, which is a key supply region for Houthi armed militia. In light of what has been reviewed of facts and evidence, the JIAT found that these trucks are a convoy of WFP and that the coalition forces were not aware of the timings and locations of the WFP convoy. The officials supervising this program did not provide the coalition forces with memorandum showing the dates and timings of the movement of the convoy (trucks), which is a breach of the international conventions. The JIAT also found that the trucks did not use international protection signs on the trucks. The JIAT also found that the targeting was because of the lack of direct coordination between organization and the relevant authorities at the coalition forces command.
8- MSF claimed that the surroundings of Republican Hospital in Saada, on 23/1/2016, exposed to the blowing out the fragments as a result of an air strikes, and following checking the facts, the JIAT found that the command of the coalition forces targeted in the same area, a number of warehouses containing weapons and munitions used by the armed militias of al-Houthi and laser-guided bombs (with accurate targeting) to targets 1300 mete away, and there was no direct targeting of the said hospital or civilians located around the warehouse, a fact that enhances this aerial photographs relating to this operation, which turns out not to show that no buildings or civilians, in the neighboring nearby warehouse, which have been affected by any damage, neither directly nor indirectly. The Coalition Forces were aware of the presence of the Republican Hospital in that region as it is one of the prohibited target because it is a medical facility protected under international conventions. Therefore, it is required to be avoid targeting such places when preparing and planning for any military operation. It became clear to the JIAT that there was no mistake by the coalition forces in this operation and they were committed to the rules of international and humanitarian law which includes the protection for medical facilities.
The JIAT's Legal Advisor concluded the statement stressing the JIAT's continuation to carry out its tasks, commit to independence, and publically announce the results reached by the JIAT upon the completion of verification procedures.
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