Yemen expresses concern over U.S. congress passing a bill on Justice Against Terror Sponsors Act

Wednesday 1437/12/12 - 2016/09/14
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Aden, Dhu-AlHijjah 12, 1437, Sep 14, 2016, SPA -- The Republic of Yemen today expressed profound concern over the consequences of the recently-issued U.S. congress decision passing the Justice Against Terror Sponsors Act.
In a statement carried by the government-run Yemeni News Agency, the Yemeni foreign ministry said Yemen, which condemns all kinds of terrorism, confirms that self-initiated commitment of nations is the corner stone for the international war against terrorism and violent extremism.
It said that this legislation contradicts the firm principles of the international law, particularly the principle of equality of sovereignty among nations according to the United Nations charter and that any breach of this law would have negative reflections on international cooperation to combat terrorism.
The statement said defaming the reputation of a friendly country of the United States might weaken the efforts to fight terrorism, requiring no mix of lines between isolated ordinary personalities and government officials, calling on everybody to respect the principles on which the UN charter was based, citing the judicial protection principle necessary for international quiet ties.
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