Command of Coalition Forces Supporting Legitimacy, in Yemen, Save Civilian Passengers Targeted by Houthi Militias, aboard Emirates' Vessel (SWIFT)

Saturday 1437/12/30 - 2016/10/01
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Riyadh, Dhu-AlHijjah 30, 1437, Oct 1, 2016, SPA -- The Command of Coalition Forces Supporting Legitimacy, in Yemen, announced that it has, in this morning, at exactly 1230 embarked on a rescue operation for the civilian passenger after militias of the Huthis targeted a civilian vessel (SWIFT), relating to an Emirates maritime company, which was on a regular trip to and from the city of Aden, to transfer medical and relief aid, in addition to evacuation of the wounded and injured civilians, in order to complete their treatment outside Yemen.
This comes as an indicator of a serious work to confirm the orientation of these militias to carry out terrorist operations targeting the international civil navigation and relief ships, at Bab al-Mandab.
Coalition air and naval forces had started chasing and targeting of boats, which carried out the attack.
-- SPA
21:19 LOCAL TIME 18:19 GMT