Arab Ministers of Interior Council Denounces Houthi's Militia's Firing of Missile Targeting Makkah

Friday 1438/1/27 - 2016/10/28
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Tunis, Muharram 27, 1438, Oct 28, 2016, SPA -- The Secretariat General of the Council of Arab Ministers of Interior, strongly, condemned here the firing of Houthi's militias of Yemen, a missile targeting Makkah, the main sanctity of Islam and the worshipers' direction, in their prayers, a fact that exposed the real face of that terrorist gang and its affiliation and allegiance to external circles.
In a statement announce here today, the secretariat, further said that as it disapproved such reckless and terrorist act, it do highly appreciate the performance of the Arab Coalition as it confronts these terrorist acts and for its sacrifices for the sake of Yemen people safety and continuation of its legitimate institutions.
The statement concluded by asserting importance of solidarity to defeat sectarian stigmas that provoked by particular regional forces to serve their envious enterprises against Islam and Muslims, as well.
-- SPA
22:37 LOCAL TIME 19:37 GMT