Council of Gulf International Relations: Targeting Makkah by Houthis Made with Support from Tehran Regime

Sunday 1438/1/29 - 2016/10/30
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Jeddah, Muharram 29, 1438, Oct 30, 2016, SPA -- Council of Gulf International Relations "COGIR" has emphasized that the targeting the Holy Makkah by the coup rebels of Houthi and Saleh must not go unnoticed without paying the price of trying to bomb the holiest part of the Muslim world, including the right to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the protector of the Two Holy Mosques, to take whatever it deems appropriate for the protection of its sanctities from the evil attempts of the coup alliance and their supporters to harm the Two Holy Mosques.
In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Council's member of the Trustees and Chairman of the Committee of Arab Relations Dr. Turki Al-Qablan said, "We condemn what has been done by this criminal alliance of Houthi and the deposed Saleh by moving from attempting to harm the security of the Kingdom, its border's infiltration, rocket attacks and targeting civilians of citizens and residents to the stage of offending Muslims by targeting them and the Holy Makkah without religious fear, confirming that the battle is not between the legitimacy of Yemen and the alliance of the coup, but between Muslims and those who tried to desecrating their sanctities and mocking their feelings, through a clear support from Tehran, which neither condemned nor denounced what has been done by the followers of its Iranian project to occupy and destroy Yemen.
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