GCC Shura, representatives and national councils condemn targeting Makkah and reject U.S. JASTA bill

Wednesday 1438/2/23 - 2016/11/23
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Manama, Safar 23, 1438, November 23, 2016, SPA -- Speakers, presidents and chairmen of the GCC Shura, representatives and national councils and assemblies expressed profound condemnation and denunciation of the terrorist act carried out by the Houthi militias against Makkah recently.
In a statement at the conclusion of their 10th session held in Manama today, the parliamentary leaders said that tampering the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the feelings of Muslims is tampering the security and feelings of the GCC countries and peoples as well, calling on all countries, organizations, and commissions of the international community to take serious and effective steps to prevent a repetition of such terrorist acts in future on one hand and exert continuous effort to help the Arab Coalition efforts to bring about an end to the crisis in Yemen.
In a separate statement, the meeting rejected the U.S. congress-drafted Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) as a flagrant violation of the bases and principles of international relations, particularly the principle of equality of sovereign immunity which is to be enjoyed by all sovereign states of the world.
The statement said any breach of this rule would constitute a threat to the world security and peace.
It called on the U.S. congress to re-consider this decision and not to give the final okay for implementing it.
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