Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) on Yemen Issues Statement on Results of A Number of Incidents Riyadh 2

Thursday 1438/5/26 - 2017/02/23
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On the report of the Human Watch, the team said it has checked the sites of claims of death and casualties, at Eibs Prison, in Khulan, Hajja Governorate, on 30 June 2015, concluding that the Coalition air force has dealt with two targets, both are weaponry depots, by firing a laser guided bomb, at each, on 13 May 2015. These were two Houthi militia's targets, henceforth, they are military spots, which we took advantage, military speaking, through targeting them.
The team stressed that the building of the prison, neither targeted nor affected, at all, by the air bombing committed by the Coalition air force.
Thus, the findings of the team is that: Following counter checking the aforementioned incidents, the procedures and measurements taken by the Coalition were justified, in dealing with military targets, in the area, as they were compatible with the rules of the Humanitarian International Law.
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