Saudi Arabia Plays Host to as many as 895,175 Yemeni, Syrian Refugees, Treating them as Visitors -King Salman Relief Center's General Supervisor States

Saturday 1438/8/10 - 2017/05/06
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Ottawa, Sha'ban 10 , 1438,May 06 , 2017, SPA -- Advisor at the Kingdom's Royal Court, who is also the General Supervisor of King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Actions Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabi'ah highlighted the pioneering role played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in regard of humanitarian field, commitment to neutral action and international humanitarian law, in line with the teachings of Islam.
This was unfold, during a press conference he has held yesterday, at the Canadian Museum, in Ottawa, in the presence of the Saudi Ambassador to Canada Naif bin Bandar Al-Sudairi, a group of Canadian journalists, editors and media men.
Al-Rabi'ah stressed that the Kingdom is taking care of the humanitarian situation, in Yemen, through the center, whose programs have reached all over Yemeni governorates and that the center has exerted great efforts to assist all categories and sections of the Yemeni people, including those who are, in areas controlled by the Houthis.
Pointing out the total number of projects, in Yemen, administered by the center are 127, he added that they are serving humanitarian, shelter, sanitation needs, agricultural and water support programs, which are, professionally, run.
The center's help arm reaches all parts of Yemen, in collaboration with 81 international and local partners, laying emphasis on projects for children and women, he stated, announcing that the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques is doing utmost and best of efforts to provide Yemenis with assistance to mitigate their sufferings.
Dr. Al-Rabi'ah indicated that supporting refugees, in the whole world, especially, in Yemen and Syria, is going on, pointing that the Kingdom has received as many as 603,833 Yemeni refugees, with their families, and securing their freedom of free movement, involvement in the labor market and allowing 285,000 students to enroll, in Schools, in addition to supporting Yemeni refugees, in Djibouti as well as, in Somalia.
On the hand, Dr. Al-Rabi'ah said that the Kingdom was among the first countries to support the Syrian people, as it welcomed 291,342 Syrian refugees, living in its territories, and allowed hundreds of thousands of them, to enter the labor market.
The Kingdom guaranteed 114,000 Syrians studying in the public schools, free of charge, he stressed, saying that millions of Syrian refugees, in neighboring countries, are supported by the Kingdom, too.
Dr. Al-Rabi'ah highlighted Kingdom's concern over the humanitarian situation in Iraq, Somalia and all other affected countries and that it provided 37 countries with aid, in worth over than $700 million.
Stressing the difficulty of delivering humanitarian aid through the port of Hodeidah, in Yemen, due to the control of the militias, confiscating and blocking of passage of aid, he noted that the little amounts of aid allowed to pass, are stolen.
Humanitarian organizations shall take advantage of other safe crossings to ensure delivery of aid, especially, in areas controlled by the Houthis, because of the hazards of seizure of aid, in order to deprive Yemeni people of access to basic rights to achieve political gains, he demanded.
Speaking about the center's operations, he made a point related to difficulty to deliver aid, either for unpaved routes or for being under the siege of the militias.
Concluding by pointing to the role of the coalition forces, in Yemen, he asserted that it is in response to the willingness of the Yemeni people, as set forth by the outputs of the National Dialogue, the UN relevant resolutions and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states' sponsored initiative, with its attached executive mechanism.
-- SPA
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