The Coalition to restore Legitimacy in Yemen deny targeting a house in the Mahdah area of Saada

Tuesday 1438/11/16 - 2017/08/08
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Riyadh, Dhu-AlQa'dah 16, 1438, August 08, 2017, SPA -- Spokesperson of the Coalition to restore Legitimacy in Yemen, Col. Turki al-Malki, said that the coalition forces reviewed and rejects allegations by some media outlets that one of the houses in the area of Mahdah in the south-west of Sa'ada province was targeted, which caused loss of life for women, children, and injuring others.
Colonel Al-Malki confirmed that the joint command has completed after-action review for operations have been conducted last Friday and reviewed all operational tasks that conducted in Saada province, revealing that there is no proof of the false allegation.
Colonel Al-Malki said the coalition forces followed with regret the statements of the office of the Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, which were based on personal estimates rather than a fair and systematic investigation. The statements were apparently issued upon unconfirmed field reports which could have been more accurate if they had patience, credibility and evidence.
Colonel Al-Malki explained that the joint forces command of the coalition is investigating through its available means, as well as coordinating with the legitimate government of Yemen, its international partners and friends to exchange information on this unfortunate incident, considering the methodology of the Houthi militia in storing weapons and explosives inside houses and civilian objects.
Col Turki expressed profound regret for the occurrence of civilian casualties among Yemeni people due to hostile acts committed by Houthi militias through futile and deliberate attacks against innocents and by using civilian homes and civilian objects to conceal all forms of weapons, which is a flagrant violation of the international law.
The Spokesman for the Coalition To restore Legitimacy in Yemen stressed the Coalition's commitment to the highest standards of targeting measures and its implementation of the provisions of law of armed conflict (LOAC) contained in the Geneva conventions and its Additional Protocols, including Article 51 and Article 52 in particular, concerning the protection of civilians and civilian objects
Col Turki commanded the humanitarian organizations, the media outlets to be careful and accurate, for not blaming the coalition forces without accurate information, data and the results of a final investigation.
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