Leaders of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition: Coalition represents a constructive platform for opening up cooperation between Member States

Sunday 1439/3/8 - 2017/11/26
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Riyadh, Rabi'I 8, 1439, November 26, 2017, SPA -- Secretary-General of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition Lieutenant General. Abdulelah bin Othman Al-Saleh revealed the nature of the coalition's action, which represents a constructive platform that aims at opening areas of cooperation between Member States.
At a press conference held here today, with the participation of the Military Commander of the Coalition, the retired Gen. Rachel Sharif and the Secretary General of the Muslim World League Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa, Al-Salih revealed that the ministers of defence exchanged information and initiatives to be submitted in the coming period, indicating that there are institutional initiatives, plans and strategies that will dry up the sources of terrorism and its funding by information, military and media.
He pointed out that participation in the implementation of initiatives will be optional for the Member States of the coalition, noting that participation in the initiatives of the coalition will be through material or technical support, revealing that the coalition intends to implement several initiatives at the same time.
He stressed that each initiative will be subject to continuous monitoring and evaluation, to measure the success and possibility of development to push them to provide results as best as possible.
Gen. Rachel Sharif said that the coalition will work on different tracks and levels, including the exchange of intelligence and military training, and the acquisition of different expertise in this framework, stressing that this coalition will be against terrorism only, and will commit to support Member States in need of combating terrorism, whether they need technical, material or training.
The presence of the headquarters of the Center of the Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism in Riyadh will contribute to strengthening the coalition's project because Saudi Arabia has distinguished relations with all countries of the world and its organizations as well as major international companies, including companies working in the technical field, especially in the new media and social media.
Dr. Al-Issa, for his part, defined the term "terrorism" as "organized action that sparks fear, anxiety and destruction in property, and is carried out by organizations and groups with an ideological background."
He stressed that the military confrontation is important but does not eradicate terrorism from its roots. The most important strategy is the intellectual confrontation. There is an inventory of the allegations and suspicions of terrorism that were published through the social networking sites specifically, indicating that terrorism exploits the unconscious religious sentiment and the concepts of Sharia and its general rules.
He said: "There is coordination between the coalition and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and centers concerned with the fight against terrorism, notably the World Center for the fight against extremist ideology (ETIDAL).
-- SPA
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