Arab Coalition Spokesman: Hard evidence shows Iran providing supply of missiles to Al-Houthis

Thursday 1439/7/12 - 2018/03/29
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Riyadh, Rajab 12, 1439, Mar 29, 2018, SPA -- Official spokesman for the Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen Col. Turki Al-Malki stated that "We have proved to the world that the ballistic missiles launched from Yemeni territories by Al-Houthis are manufactured by Iran and we had shown the wreckage of the Iranian "Qiyam" missiles with their parts have been re-installed in Yemen in addition to a missile confiscated before it was launched."
He said that Iran's methodology depends on denying its hostile actions in the region like any criminal in the world who insists on denial when facing him with his crimes.
This came during an interview with the Coalition's official spokesman broadcasting by CNN during which he confirmed that hard evidence presented to prove to the world that Iran is involved in supporting Al-Houthis.
Answering a question on how these missiles are being smuggled into Yemen, Col. Turki Al-Malki stressed that the smuggling of missiles did not start from Iran, but from the southern suburb of Beirut, where they were transported via Syria to Iran and then dispatched by sea by the so-called mother boat or ship to Yemen, explaining that the port of Al-Hudaidah became the main point of smuggling ballistic missiles and other weapons to Yemen.
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